UMAN Application?

An application for recording work diaries and workers Attendance , perfect for construction sites, creating reports, and the application serves contracting companies.

UMAN Application

Accuracy | Speed | Safety

Materials And Resources

Through the “Resources” feature, the application allows the user to document all materials and resources during the work on the project, which gives the project calculations with high accuracy.

Attendance And Absence Of Workers

The Application has the ability to record attendance and absence of workers and employees in an easy way.

Project Accounts

With one click, the user can calculate the cost of the project up to now, including the cost of materials, resources and labor in the project.

Financial Reports

It guaranteed to have meticulously detailed financial reports on attendance and absence, Salary and advances payments, project accounts, subcontractor accounts, materials and resources.

Archiving Project Documents

Archiving documents, plans, and photos of the project in all its stages, to allow the user access to them at any time.

Subcontractor Accounts

The user can make financial and administrative calculations for the shareholders in the implementation of the project in all its stages.

The “UMAN” system guarantees accuracy and comfort in work

The application serves several categories in the field of construction and reconstruction

  • Contracting companies, and contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Manpower companies
  • Work site managers and construction project managers

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  • Archiving documents, notes, and attachments – Up to 1 GB storage

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“UMAN” application .. Accuracy | Speed | Safety

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