Terms of Use 

Welcome to the UMAN system managed and operated by AJAD, Registered Business. 300572278, from Sheikh Jarah Street in Jerusalem (the “Company“). 


Access to and use of the system, including the various services offered in it, are subject to the terms of use set forth below (the “Terms of Use“), which govern the relationship between the Company and the user of the system (hereinafter: “User” or “You“). The registration to the system or the actual use of it indicates your consent to the terms of use, and therefore you are asked to read them carefully. The terms of use are worded in masculine language for convenience only, each application is for women and men alike and each application to an individual also means an application to many, and vice versa. For the avoidance of doubt, the user definition above also includes users who are management companies, household entities and service providers. 


1- About the system

The system is intended to assist in the management of construction companies work diary at several construction sites, raw material registration and management, incoming/outgoing mailing and documentation archives, attendance registration for workers, filing of employee’s details and financials, hereby the (“Services“). The Services involve ordering them by the user and making payment for them, as set forth in Section 4 below. 


2- Registration to the system

Use of the system or any of the services offered under it may be conditional on registration. In order to complete the registration to the system, details such as name, email address, telephone number, full residential address including apartment number and other identifying details, as required from time to time, must be provided. 

You hereby certify that you are legally competent and of a sufficient age by law to create a binding contract. In order to register and use the system you must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible to perform binding legal actions. 


You warrant that (a) the information provided by you will be correct and accurate and no use will be made of the system using a false identity or impersonation; (B) the username you choose is not subject to the rights of another person; (C) do not use another person’s username; And (d) in the event of a change of details or if there is a concern that your data has been used unauthorized, you will report this immediately to the Company by  Contact Us Page. 

The company reserves the right to refuse registration of a user or to block a user’s access to the system and/or to the services, or some of them, at its sole discretion. The user is solely responsible for any activity that takes place in his account, and he must keep the account information secure. The company will not be liable for any damage or loss which will be caused by any unauthorized use of your account. 


3- General instructions for using the system

All rights of any kind, including intellectual property rights, in the system, content, designs, applications, tools, services and other components in the system, as well as any invention, improvement, innovation, development, discovery, change, or creation related to the system and subject to any intellectual property rights (Including patents, copyrights, designs, trade secrets and trademarks, including applications for registration of these rights) (hereinafter: “Intellectual Property Rights”) are the full and exclusive property of the Company and/or third parties who have authorized the Company to use them. The terms “Content” or “Content” mean any information of any kind, including (but not limited to): any document, record, image, photograph, illustration, animation, chart, character, video, audio file, video file, software, code Computer, application, format, protocol, database, user interfaces, as well as any character, sign, symbol, and icon; and everything, in any medium. 


The company hereby grants the user a limited use license, which is not exclusive and cannot be transferred or checked, to make personal use of the system and the contents of the company, solely for the purposes described in the system and the terms of use; And all subject to the other provisions of the Terms of Use. Beyond the foregoing, the Company does not grant, grant or waive any right or license, express or implied, in connection with the System, the Content and the Intellectual Property Rights. 


To the extent that the user sends to the company recommendations or objections regarding the system or services, the company may use them at its sole discretion without having to pay or compensate the user in any way for such recommendation or attainment. 

The company reserves the right to change, add, correct, adapt and take any other action in the system or in any part of it, at its sole discretion, and the user will not make any claim against the company in this regard. 


The Company does not warrant that (a) the system will meet the user’s expectations or requirements; (B) the services and content offered in the System shall be provided without interruptions, interference or errors; (C) The system shall be immune from unauthorized access to the Company’s computers or from malfunctions, malfunctions or failures in the hardware, software and any other communication system of the Company and/or anyone on its behalf. 



Without prejudice to the rights and remedies given to the Company under any law, the Company may block the user’s use of the system, services, or any part thereof, including in the event that, at its discretion, the user or anyone acting on his behalf performs any of the following: (a) legal; (B) breach of the Terms of Use; (C) providing incorrect identification information during or after registration; Or (d) an act or omission that could harm the Company or other users or the proper functioning of the system. 


4- Ordering the services

The system allows you to order the part of the services offered for a trial period for 20 employees and 3 construction sites maximum, signing through the system by the user (“trial period”) free of charge and after the end of the trial period by paying the amounts subscribed in the payment notice sent by the system as a monthly subscription fee. All amounts appearing in the system do not include VAT unless otherwise stated (the “subscription fee”). The order price can be paid using a valid credit card which can be cleared by one of the credit card companies operating in Israel and/or the Palestinian Territories. To do this, enter the credit card details and the payer details in the designated place in the system. After you place your order, you will receive a confirmation stating that the order details have been entered into the system. The user hereby declares and undertakes, irrevocably, that he gives his consent to the performance of the said charge every month in Renewed on the 1st day of that month. 


The system makes it possible to pay the subscription fee by means of a standing order by authorizing the debit of the user’s credit card and the user hereby declares and expressly undertakes that he consents to the said debit as a continuous transaction according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (Hereinafter: “the Law”). The user may at any time contact the company and cancel the authorization via the system settings or by sending to Contact Us page , all subject to the provisions of the law. 


In order for the company to be able to provide the services ordered, the order must be received and recorded in the system properly, containing all the details required to perform the service and charge the credit card. If the user receives a notification regarding incorrect details in his order or a notification regarding a fault or error that occurred in the system when receiving the order, the company must be contacted immediately by sending to Contact Us page, The Company or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable in any way for any result arising from incorrect specifications, error or malfunction in the receipt of the order, subject to the provisions of section 5 below. 


5- Order Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of an order will be made in accordance with the special terms of the order that are requested to be canceled and subject to all the provisions of the law regarding the cancellation of a transaction, including the provisions of the law. If an order is canceled by the user, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the terms of use, the company will credit the credit card through which the order was made. 

Send to Contact Us page, requesting that you block the credit card debit authorizations in the system, both as a result of the loss of the telephone device and for any other reason. 

The users declare that they give their consent to the above and hereby undertake, in an irrevocable manner, as far as relevant, that they will act in accordance with the policy of canceling the orders stated in this section 5. 


6- User content

The user declares and undertakes that (a) he has the exclusive rights in the content uploaded or to be uploaded by him to the system (as far as they are uploaded), including ads, messages, information, files, images, videos, etc. or has received all the necessary approvals and permissions; And (b) that he is solely responsible for the content and ads he uploads to the system, in connection with the services and in general. The company will not bear any responsibility for any damage of any kind and type caused as a result of unauthorized publication of content by the user of the system, including for infringement of property rights, the right to privacy or other rights of third parties. 


The user hereby grants the Company an unlimited, non-exclusive, worldwide, free of charge or royalty, to use, copy, download, store, share, publish, reproduce, distribute and display the User Content in the manner described in these Terms of Use, and allow others to do so on To run the system. 


Without derogating from the other provisions of this agreement, the company reserves the right, without this to be construed as taking any responsibility for information or content uploaded to the system, to remove from the system, without prior notice, content posted by users, which in its sole discretion is false, infringing the rights of third parties, do not comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use or those which in its sole discretion may harm the legitimate commercial interest of the Company. 

The Company is not a company for the storage and/or sharing of files or contents and does not take responsibility of any kind for the user’s contents as specified in section 10 below, including their availability, storage, publication, reliance on them, etc. In addition, the company clarifies that content uploaded to the system by users is not published on its behalf and it is not responsible for the reliability, completeness, accuracy or reliability of such content. 


7- Prohibited use of the system

You agree that in connection with the use of the System and Services, you will not and will not allow others to do any of the following: (a) Use the System in a manner that alters its design or omits any Content, including advertisements and commercial content; (B) use of the names and trademarks (whether registered or not) displayed in the system, without obtaining the consent of the company and/or the consent of the rights holders in them in advance and in writing, as the case may be; (C) operating any computer application or any other means, for the purpose of automatically searching, scanning, copying or retrieving content; (D) use of the system for commercial purposes contrary to what is stated in the terms of use; (E) copying, re-editing or publishing content appearing in the system without the prior written consent of the rights holders, as the case may be; (F) transmission or transmission in any way of content from the system; (G) the distribution of “spam” or any use intended to track or harass another person in any way; (H) contracting with any of the users directly for the provision of services, not through the system; And (i) any action that is contrary to the provisions of the law, or that infringes the rights of third parties; And will not allow others to do any of the above. 


You warrant that while using the System and Services, you will not transmit, post, display or transmit any Content (a) False or Misleading; (B) unlawful, offensive or immoral, including incitement, material including violence, racism, pornography, profanity, threats, and expressions of rudeness; (C) who encourages the commission of a criminal offense; (D) constitutes an infringement of the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights; (E) which constitutes defamation of a person or an invasion of a person’s privacy; And/or (f) which includes or is intended to spread viruses, hostile software and/or any other means that may harm, destroy, interfere with, or restrict the use of the Company’s or any third party’s computer systems, servers, hardware or software. 


8- Links and publications

The system may include links to pages, applications and various websites on the Internet that are not managed and/or operated by the company and/or by anyone on its behalf. The company does not control and/or monitor such pages, applications and sites, and the fact that the company links to this content does not indicate its consent to their content and does not constitute a guarantee of their reliability, up-to-dateness or legality. The company will not be responsible for this content, and will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused to the user or any third party as a result of the use of such pages, applications and sites. The use of these pages, applications and websites is subject to the terms of use and the terms of privacy appearing on them, and not to the terms of use and terms of privacy of the company and is done at your own risk. We encourage you to exercise discretion and carefully review the terms of use and privacy of each such page, application and site. 


Do not link to the system from any website that contains illegal content or that encourages illegal activity, including content that encourages racism, discrimination, violence or other pornographic or offensive content, or that constitutes an infringement of the privacy or good name of third parties. 


The system may include commercial information submitted for publication on behalf of various advertisers. The publication of such commercial information in the system does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase the services, assets or products offered. The company and/or anyone on its behalf will not bear any responsibility for the content of the commercial information or advertisements in the system, and the sole responsibility for the content of the advertisements and commercial information applies to the advertisers. Any transaction made following an ad or information posted on the system will be executed directly between you and the advertiser concerned, and the company will not be a party to any such transaction 


9- Privacy Policy

The user acknowledges this and agrees that the company may collect certain data and additional information about users through the system. The company respects the privacy of users of the system, and will act in accordance with the provisions of any law and in accordance with the privacy policy available in the system. The registration to the system or the actual use of it also indicates your consent to the terms of privacy, which are incorporated in these terms of use. 


10- Liability and indemnification

Use of the system is at your sole and complete responsibility. The system, services and content in the system are offered as is (As Is), without warranty of any kind. The Company or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable, directly or indirectly, financially or otherwise, for any consequences arising from the use of the System or Services and contracting with third parties through it, including any action or failure to act as a result of relying on information published in Third parties), including the quality and manner of service provided by third parties and the like. For the avoidance of doubt, the full warranty for the services and/or products provided by third parties through the system including for any damage, loss, loss, expense and damage (including bodily and property damage), of any kind and type, directly or indirectly, applies to The user, and the user hereby declares and undertakes that he will not have any claim, demand and/or cause of action against the company or anyone on its behalf in relation to the above and regarding the system, including the availability of content, glitches, usage results, etc., and as far as the user has any such claim , Whether he knows it or he will know it in the future, he gives it up irrevocably. 


The user hereby undertakes to compensate and indemnify the company and all workers on its behalf, immediately upon the company’s first claim, for any damage, loss, liability or expense, including attorney’s fees and legal expenses that any of them may incur as a result of using the system or services. By the user, including in respect of any act or omission on the part of the user that is contrary to the provisions of these terms of use, and including in respect of any claim, demand or cause of action of a third party arising from any act or omission of the user. The Company reserves the right to assume the exclusive protection and control of the legal proceedings in any such matter. The aforesaid company right will not relieve the user of his obligations to indemnify in any case, and the user undertakes to fully cooperate with the company or anyone on its behalf for this purpose, including by providing information and materials in his possession. The user agrees not to reach a compromise on any issue subject to his indemnification obligations, as set forth above, without obtaining the express consent of the company in advance and in writing. 


11- Notice and Removal

The company reserves the right to remove from the system content which, according to third parties, infringes their intellectual property rights or other rights. If you believe that any content appearing on the system violates your intellectual property rights, or that of a third party, or violates any other provision of these Terms of Use, please send to Contact Us  page and specify the following details: (a) Your full details and details Contacting you (full name, address, telephone, e-mail); (B) an accurate identification of the content that you claim is infringing and a detailed explanation of how it infringes; And (c) your signed statement that to the best of your knowledge the information provided by you is complete and correct. 


12- General

The Company may from time to time change the structure, appearance and design of the system, the scope and availability of the services, and may charge for such or other services at its sole discretion or change anything and/or other aspect involved in the system (including complete cessation of the services provided through it), and everything – without prior notice. By their very nature, such changes may involve malfunctions and inconveniences. You will not have any claim and/or demand towards the company and/or anyone on its behalf in respect of such changes and/or malfunctions that might occur for a reason or accidently. 

The Company may, in its sole discretion, change the provisions of the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, without the need for prior notice. Any update to the terms of use will be binding on all users of the system from the date of its publication in the system. 

The use of the system, including any dispute or legal proceeding related to these Terms of Use, shall be governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The exclusive place of jurisdiction in any legal proceeding concerning the use of the system or these terms of use, whether directly or indirectly, shall be in the appropriate courts of Jerusalem district.   

The Terms of Use constitute the full legal agreement between you and the Company regarding your use of the System. 

The company may transfer or redirect its rights and/or obligations according to the terms of use at any time to any third party without the user’s consent. 

If it is determined that any part of the Terms of Use is invalid, or unenforceable, then the terms whose validity has been revoked or unenforceable will be deemed to have been replaced by valid and enforceable terms whose content conforms to the original terms, while the other Terms of Use shall remain in force and written. 


The user will not see any delay or failure on the part of the Company to exercise or enforce its right under the Terms of Use as a waiver or as a prevention on its part to exercise its rights in the future, and it may exercise its rights, in whole or in part, whenever it deems otherwise expressly agreed by the Company in writing. 


If you have any questions regarding the terms of use of the system and/or the privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by  Contact Us page.